I’m Will Owen and I’m the founder of Bodyweight365.

Bodyweight365 helps you get fit and build a permanent exercise habit in just 15-minutes a day.

The first website I built was called Travel Strong. It was a fitness website for travelers. I mainly wrote about bodyweight workouts and challenges — stuff you could do anywhere.

It had millions of readers, got me featured on websites like MyFitnessPal and Livestrong, and even won an award for ‘the most motivational fitness blog online’.

Funny thing was:

Most of the people visiting Travel Strong weren’t full-time travelers.

They were mainly people age 50+ who just wanted a simple way to lose fat, get fit and take control of their health without spending their lives in the gym.

And I kept hearing the same things from them:

“There’s so much information out there, I’m totally overwhelmed”

“I can’t find the time to exercise consistently”

“I never stick with anything for long. I always run out of motivation”

“I usually take on too much and end up burned out or injured”

So I decided to come up with a solution.

I wanted it to be totally unlike other fitness programs and be something that people could realistically stick with no matter what life threw at them.

It needed to be:

  • Simple — there couldn’t be any guesswork.
  • Quick — the workouts would only take 15-minutes.
  • Something that could be done anywhere — no equipment required.
  • Safe and effective — it couldn’t be one-size-fits-all.
  • Something that solved the ‘motivation’ problem once and for all — there needed to be accountability, but it also needed to help them build and maintain a habit.

These 5 principles led to the creation of Bodyweight365.

Bodweight365 provides members with just one new 15-minute bodyweight workout every day, adjusted for their individual level of ability.

I wanted members to be able to simply open the app each day, do the workout  without having to think about or second-guess anything — and then get on with their day knowing that they had taken another step towards a fitter and healthier life.

And it worked!

Since launching Bodyweight365 just three years ago, my team and I have helped 1000s of members go from saying things like “I’m usually the person who gives up after a couple of weeks” and “I’m afraid to fail again” to working out for hundreds of days in a row.

We even have members who have exercised every day for an entire year or more without missing a day.

And just to reiterate:

These aren’t people to whom exercising comes easily. These are people who had tried everything over the years without success… But they were able to turn that all around when they joined Bodyweight365.

If you’d like to read some of the reviews Bodyweight365 members have given us, click here.

Meet our head coach

Shortly after launching Bodyweight365, I realised I would need expert help if I wanted to develop the program and make the workouts as effective as possible.

So I teamed up with Jon Hodgkinson.

Jon holds a BSc in Public Health and Human Biology and is a certified biomechanics coach, personal trainer, and obesity and diabetes coach.

He has 15 years of experience helping busy men and women in their 50s take back control of their health after putting their families and careers first for decades.

In addition to working 1-on-1 with coaching clients, Jon develops the Bodyweight365 workouts and provides support in the community.