How To Take Control of Your Health in Your 50s

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What’s Inside?*

  • What to do when you’re doing ‘everything right’ and still not losing weight (Steps 8 and 9)

  • Why you don’t need to give up carbs to lose weight (Step 3)

  • Which so-called ‘health foods’ are having a “disastrous impact on health” (Step 5)

  • How even zero-calorie drinks can lead to weight gain (Step 7)

  • What to eat to decrease risk of age-related diseases by up to 80% (Step 4)

  • How to avoid losing muscle while dieting (Step 2)

  • A ridiculously easy way to make healthy meals as readily available as fast-food (Step 6)

  • How to reduce late-night cravings by 50% (Step 2)

  • And lots more…

*links to the relevant scientific studies are provided for all the tips in the cheat sheet

I love this guide! It’s nice to see the basics written down all in one place. And it is put together really well. I am looking forward to reading back through this again and then again and again after that.

Brooksie Pena

About The Authors

Jon Hodgkinson
Jon Hodgkinson
Jon Hodgkinson holds a BSc in Public Health and Human Biology and is a certified biomechanics coach, personal trainer, and obesity and diabetes coach. He has more than 10 years of experience working with busy men and women in their 50s who want to take back control of their health after putting their families and careers first for decades.
Will Owen
Will Owen
Will Owen is the founder of Travel Strong, an award-winning blog with more than 7 million readers worldwide. Together, Will and Jon run 365, an online fitness program that helps professionals in their 50s get fit and healthy by establishing sustainable exercise and healthy eating patterns.

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